The First Day..

Well it finally happened, First day over and done with... did quite a bit more than I was expecting!
I had to get to Walsall bus garage for 0800, Which meant I had a 3 bus journey ahead of me! But safe to say it went all as planned!

As I walked into the training centre I was shocked to as how many people were in there, Most were there for the fist assesments, only 12 of us were there to actually start the training.
Now, its probably the same at TWM as it is with most other companys when it comes to the induction, Lots of admin! :( I was expecting to be there for hours watching video's about how great the company is, (see BMW : )but i werent that bad, no videos!

Usual stuff first, Bank details, NI number etc.. also got given my payroll number feels like an army number, or even worse a prisoner number! Ordered my uniform, which I wont recieve until about 2 weeks time when I will be at the garage then.
After about 2 hours it was done! Then outside to the canteen for a drink, and a cheeky smoke :P

We got paired off to our instructors, done on a 2 students to 1 instructor basis, and shown around Walsall garage to get a feel for the enviroments of which we will be working in. Then off to the training vehicle to have a look round. So there it is G-Reg Leyland Lynx, a bit tatty but then again it is quite old!

We went through the VCR (Vehicle Check Record) to check that all was satisfactory and the bus was road legal, and got shown all the controls and what to do if it goes wrong! i.e Air pressure buzzer.

© Tony Hunter

Now for the shock! Lets do a few laps of the parking area. What?! wasnt expecting this today!

Well I actually found it really easy compared to what I had expected, wasnt daunting no more, as I hastily sped forward at 5mph :P now for the brakes... Jesus! nothing for half the brake then a brick wall! there sharp! a few more circuits and I felt a lot more at ease.

Thinking that was that for the day, no chance! lol seems like im never gonna get home managed to get 5hrs driving in between myself and the other student, which wasnt bad all the way to Coventry garage to thier nice canteen and there amazing amount of polish drivers. Back to Miller St. as this is where I will be starting from for the next few days, with a classroom day on Saturday, about Disabled peoples, and how to deal with aggresive passengers. A day off on Sunday too!


Jacko! said...

Nice, I would do that anyday without pay too! i'd love to drive a bus Especially a make i like! just you wait untill you Drive a TWM Trident you'll be in heaven!

Arriva Driver said...

Im surprised you're in the Lynx, they dont have ABS and were getting very close to the ABS requirement date!

The brakes are hillarious, but you wil soon get used to them.

My training was a full week of classroom, 9-5 aswell, was awesome.

Just Another Driver... said...

Jacko! - I wont get to drive a Trident, as the garage i'm goin to only runs MCW Metrobus, Optare Solo, B6, B7RLE (new1!), B10L, and Gemini's.

A.D - Were in Lynx's but the test will be carried out on B10L Gas Buses. We only have 2 days in the classroom, 1 of which is a half day!

Arriva Driver said...

Thats very strange. Unfamiliar vehicle on test day.

Just Another Driver... said...

Well what happens is that they only have 1 gas bus in the training fleet at the moment, as the other is being painted!

Ill get to drive the bus on saturday, with my test on Monday 6th.

No test in the Lynx (no ABS!) ... I dont like em anyway!

Cussons said...

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David said...

Thank god this blog is back.
It was my first day today and gosh those lynx's very punchy but the brakes are going to take some getting used to. But once out on the open road its a pleasure to drive i cant wait to get a go on th b10l gas bus tho.

Which garage have you gone to?

Joe said...

Gemini's are the best, I wish they would transfer a fleet to Yardley Wood Garage!!

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