Time to start...

Right, Seeing I havent been around much because of PC issues I can start writing again!

Ill start by finishing off what happens when you finally get to garage after passing your PCV test!

First Day, Nerves? You bet! Once in the training room I started to feel at ease, joking with each other and being shown how to use the wayfarer.. easy... well it is now, wasnt back then confused the hell outta me! "Day Metro&Bus Please" er.... Shift, B, Scroll, Issue? whats that mean! its all fell into place now like, but back then I thought it would be as easy as pressing one button, not a million to get one ticket! Ill do more on the wayfarer later when i get some piccys :)

The end of the first day was just going through garage procedures and paperwork.. Fun... :(

Day two-five, "Right lads, lets go out there and do some drivin!" what!? brown trouser time! last time I had driven a bus was under an Instructors eye! now im out in a service bus (tho not in service, Yet!) Double decker too, right doesnt seem to difficult lets go! I think I know why they teach you in knackered service buses, when you finally get to the drivin of the modern buses everything is so nice! easy too! what happened over the next few days was the same, vehicle familiarisation, Ramp operation, and how to do a VCR check properly. Friday came round "right then next week we'll get you out there route learning" should be interesting!


James said...

It's the other way round here at ARRIVA The shires, The Training buses are starting to be new vehicles, So when you pass yoru test you end up in a service bus twice as old!

James - All Aboard


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