The Wayfarer and Tickets

The wayfarer (Or Ticket Machine) is the magic machine that turns lots of change, into a ticket! Well, no magic is involved but its an essential part of a bus... other than seats, wheels etc :P
The keypad to the left is used when changing drivers, Journey Numbers, or Service numbers.

The ( + - ↓ ) buttons, + for going up a farestage/menu, - for going down, Simple!

The buttons across the top and bottom are issuing tickets or recording passes.

(Only can remember the letters on some of the buttons!)

The common ones are:

A - £1.10, B - £1.50 L - Record Daysaver Y - Record Travelcard N - OAP pass

(The bottom 2 on the left are for child fares 55p and 75p
Now to print a Daysaver.. Press Shift (↓) then L menu appears Scroll to [Ad Daysaver 3.00] then press ISSUE. There are several things on the Daysaver Menu; Adult Daysaver £3.00, Child Daysaver £2.00, Family Saver £6.00, and Daysaver Token.
Its the same for the nBus (used to be called BusMaster) tickets, Press Shift (↓) then C menu appears Scroll to nBus 3.40 then press ISSUE. easy! :)

(Ill post up something about changeovers and the module later)


David said...

I once counted the number of different types of tickets we issued;87 including dog singles and Rover returns.

notepanel said...

Hey, great blog. I thought the ticket machine was just simply pressing a button! :) What garage do you drive for btw?

cogidubnus said...

And of course everybody's Wayfarers are differently least it's easier to program now there's a Windows interface...not so many years back it was DOS based and by god was it a challenge!

Anyone else here remember programming Timtronics in bastardised basic?

What with widespread post-deregulation/privatisation competition, (therefore fast responses required but only very basic hardware/software support), everyday life was just a little more challenging then!

Anonymous said...

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