How To Get Off A Bus..

Its really not that hard is it ?

You would think so, all the people who sneak up on you... then a foot away from the stop.. "I wanted that stop"

Well did I hear the bell? did I f**k! ... just keep driving to the next one, before you open the doors ask politely, "can you just ring the bell please?" *ding* "F**k me! It does work!!"

- A Bell, Press it! it makes the bus stop! -

-This then lights up on the Dashboard, also a *ding* can be heard, telling me you want to get off!-

Press it once! not 3000 times! its rare to get somebody who does press it once! Its either one or the other, the silent type, who sneak up, or the ones who ring it so many times, just incase I forget!

*Sorry about the ranting, Its really starting to get to me this!! :P*


theCommuter said...

aye! in the Philippines, we have the same thing (a button to tell the driver that someone needs to go down). but everyone here doesn’t use them. if you need to go down, you just stand up, go next to the driver and say "drop me off on the next stop". I’m guessing the whole button thing never flew here because a. we Filipino’s have the crazy monkey gene in our blood thus the many jokers who press the button just to annoy the driver and b. the drivers must've gotten pissed at some point with commuters who push 300 times at the button just to get the bus to stop which is your problem right now. well, it just goes to show you: from the UK to the third world Philippines, all commuters are built the same way

David said...

Then you have the passengers who stand just behind you so you stop at the next stop and they say,"Oh I didn't want that stop. I want the one 3 miles down the road. I thought you knew that." Shame hitting passengers over the head with a fire extinguisher tends to get you the sack.

Mr Avoids-NXWM-like-the-plague said...

Next time you're driving a bus, take a look at that wonderful piece of kit known as a rear-view mirror. it's amazing what you can see in it, including passengers making their way to the front to get off.

Matthew (Xero) said...

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Anonymous said...

I can still remember when I was working in the middle east, the buses have no bells for commuters to press instead they only have to tap the bus window using coins... or simply yell or shout to the arabic which sounded like this; "endak" or "honn lausameh.." and when someone from the back of the bus wants to get down and driver might not hear him, the rest of the passengers will help to yell to the driver...

When I was sitting for my PCV practical driving test in Malaysia, I was merging into the highway when all of a sudden someone rang the bell continuosly, thinking hard that there is no bus stop ahead since it is a highway and something wrong with the buzzer I continued to drive on only to get an earful from the tester about emergency... bla bla bla.... nevertheless I passed and got my PCV license that day..

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. A blog devoted to bus drivers. You guys rock.

Mik said...

Great blog, I am a Brit in the US and take up to six bus trips a day, great blog fodder.

Here when you pull the cord for the bell, it doesn't matter how many times it gets pulled again it doesn't reset until doors open and close again.

TheDriver said...

@Mr Avoids-NXWM-like-the-plague,
Maybe we are to busy looking at the road ahead trying to avoid all the fuckwits like YOU who cut us up daily.
Or aren't you smart enough to do that?
Fucking Idiot!!

Anonymous said...

As a bus driver in Sydney,we have the same dimwits.They stand behind you etc,and you have to figure out whether they have piles or want to get off the bus.Same with intending bus passengers,they sit or stand at a stop,look at you,dont indicate till you are on top of them or going past.Idiots,i mean we are driving a 10t vechile for peats sake.Ontop of that most dont know where they are going,or what they want....arrggghhhh.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some of you drivers need counselling. I think you need to change jobs if passengers getting on or off annoy you - after all, thats what the job entails. I know cos I drove the fucking things for 9 years. But taking a passenger to the next stop is like kidnapping, and a very sick thing to do considering that you are in a position of responsibility. Its only a fucking job, man.

The Brighton Bus Driver said...

To be honest I have developed a bit of a numbness to it. We all do eventually. Plus some of our buses the bell goes once and is silent until after the next stop (which I believe should be a legal requirement) It's not that they ring 1000 times, it's the distraction that it creates. If you have a complex junction to negotiate, you really need as few distractions as possible Them coming up and saying next stop driver if they can't find the bell is fine also.

Texas Driver Safety Course Online said...

If some one uses this option just for purpose by ring in 1 or 2 times it's quite good and help us, but we should make a this ring like that a passenger can ring the bell only twice in a 5KM journey etc.. so that it didn't disturb anyone else.

Bus Driver Vacancies said...

Is really funny to read this beacuse you are right, the drivers know when you al ready press the stop buttom, calm down and wait is not that difficult ;).

FellowBrumBusDriver said...

Thanks to Paddy McGuinness and the TV show Take Me Out, I now have a new phrase that I say to passengers if they don't ring the bell. I point up towards the Bus Stopping sign and say "No lighty, no alighty!"

ed walker said...

Excessive bell ringing is annoying to start with but you have to rise above it, otherwise it will just stress you out and ruin your day. Like Brighton Bus Driver said you just get immune after a while, a few school runs should see to that :)

As for the other extreme (not pressing at all), if you see someone looking like they might want to get off why not keep an eye on them? Some times the first clue is when you hear the shopping bags rustling as they get ready to get off.

If someone comes to the front and the bell hasn't rung, they probably want to get off- might as well stop and see, it will save you aggro and a trip to the managers office when they complain. If it is safe you could always ask "next one?" It's all about making your job as pleasant as possible.

If you really have no clue that someone wants to alight and there is no safe place to stop until the next bus stop (often the case in towns but then the stops are so close together....) well there's nothing else you can do except apologise and explain that the bell didn't ring.

Have you ever had them ring the bell so early that by the time you get to the stop you've forgotten? I think the longest I have noticed was almost 4 miles!
That is disconcerting when you're not entirely familiar with the route and are waiting for a flag to come into view.

Occasionally I'll get the familiar cry of "I wanted that one driver!" then see that the stop light is on, completely didn't notice. All you can do is stop as soon as it's safe and apologise. If it's a regular they will recognise you as that polite and tolerant driver who doesn't huff and puff and glare at their passengers, and your apology will be graciously accepted.

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